Fauquier Times Print & Digital Redesign

The Fauquier Times was first published in 1817. In 2018 the newspaper remains an important news source for the local community.

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• Editorial Redesign • Website Redesign
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Visual Designer
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From Broadsheet to Tabloid

I was tasked with redesigning the broadsheet sized newspaper to its new tab size with the priority of making sections easy to find. The redesign was also applied to the sister publication Prince William Times newspaper.

Implemented section front design

Paginated by Taylor Dabney and Chris Six

Digtal Redesign:


Create an up-to-date website for local newspapers Faquier Times and Prince William Times that is user friendly on desktop & mobile devices. The site needs to have a balance between advertisements and content. The Website should reflect the print newspaper and have an emphasis on its digital edition/Newsletters.


• Website struggles to balance advertising space with content to equally serve advertisers and readers. • Website is confusing for subscribers who want to subscribe/ cancel or read digital edition. •Navigation is not as clear as it should be. • Sections are not clearly defined.


We conducted stakeholder interviews to identify the top problem areas that users currently experience.

Key findings:

Summary: Analysis and user research conducted confirmed original project goals and problems originally outlined. The newest finding revealed in the interviews is how confusing the website is to navigate. The navigation bars are not successfully serving their purpose. We need to lead the users far better and make the categories  distinct, primarily the services parts of our site versus the news parts of our website. We need to place calls to actions in places that are more obvious and easier for visitors. Examples: users we tested struggled to find forms and how to submit events even though it was right on the page, it wasn’t place in a logical spot. We also need to realize that visitors need explanations about the actions that are taking place. Examples: 1. Advertisers need more details about the different types of advertising, media kit, who to contact, and what steps they can take, 2. Subscribers: Subscribers need details on how to subscribe, how they get their newspaper, the differences, and need to be able to accurately pay, they need all this before they even consider pressing the buy button.

Must haves: Clear navigation, calls to action, payment, improved advertising using DFP Google Ad manager, information for readers/advertisers using services,

Would be nice to have: Better designed website, especially one that could be mobile responsive.

Benefits to changes: Changes would lead to more accurate reports for advertisers. Better informed advertisers. Better informed readers- cause less confusion and phone calls.

Design recommendation:

• Come up with how we want the website reworked so it is functional for our needs and then contact our website provider to see if we can collaborate with them to make it happen.

• Fix navigation order so that it logically makes sense for reader and they can find what they are looking for.

• Create clearly designed subscriber and advertiser pages so visitor can take knowledgeable actions.

• Fix how news flows within website so we don’t have an endless scroll.

• Provide advertiser and subscriber information in user accounts and explain how those digital editions work.

• Create an accessible digital edition archive available for print subscribers.

Motion Design

To complete the digital redesign I animated a new intro for weekly news videos posted on various social media.

(Video itself is by Sawyer Guinn)

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