My name is Annamaria

I'm a multimedia designer based in the DMV area. I've provided design solutions and art to clients since discovering a love for both drawing and design in 2017.

My path to becoming a designer and illustrator was sparked by my globetrotter travels as a child, where I was introduced to animation, art, and stories from all over the world. As a result, I developed a strong passion for character design and illustration.
In 2017, I discovered a love for graphic design after taking an intro class at George Mason University. Currently, I reside in the DMV area with my husband and two cats.

In addition to my work as an illustrator, I enjoy collaborating with clients to bring their unique stories to life through custom web design solutions built with webflow.

I believe that effective branding and online presence are crucial for businesses to achieve their goals. Whether I am working on my own projects or collaborating with clients, my goal is to always tell compelling stories through design.

Selected Clients

PBS News Hour
American Physics Society
Thinkpoint Creative

Planet 3
Allen Wayne, LTD
Judy Olsen Design
Saint James' Episcopal Church

This n' That Amish Outlet
Family Futures VA
Piedmont Media

" That's All I got
to say bout that "
- Forrest Gump
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