Captain EO Year One

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Introducing you to my fan art project 'Captain EO Year One'. I'm setting out to create a world BEFORE the 1986 EPCOT short film. I love the film with all its quirks and think it would make a PERFECT animated show for today’s world. I will be creating and sharing concept art for a practice animated TV show pitch. The show prequel follows 17-year-old Eric Ocean who dreams of becoming a Captain, to do this he has to first complete his Capstone year of school. He discovers plenty of adventures and friendships along the way. I’m ready to ask the important questions, How did he become a Captain? How did he meet Hooter? Where are his parents? How do his powers work? Stay tuned!

Character List

  • Eric Ocean
  • Jay J
  • Hewter
  • Geex
  • Fern

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