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Family Futures aims to empower students and their families with financial life skills from the start of their education by providing school-based activities, workshops, and community based opportunities. In 2020 I was approached to design and develop a website for Family Futures VA that effectively communicates their mission, services, news and upcoming events to their target audience of students, families, and educators. The website would align with the fun branding created by Judy Olden Designs.

I facilitated a discovery session where we worked to gain an understanding of the needs and goals of the organization and their target audience. The website needed to be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and provide clear information about the organization’s mission, services, upcoming events, and ways to donate We also identified their current pain points, and desired key features such as multiple points of access for donations and a board member only page.

During the discovery stage, the organization learned about my illustration skills and asked if I could create illustrations inspired by our mutual love of the children's book series "Harold and the Purple Crayon" to represent aspects of the mission and services provided by the non-profit.

At the design stage I created wireframes and mockups to test the website’s layout and functionality. I worked closely with Judy Olsen’s Designs and the organization to ensure the design met their requirements outlined during the discovery session and aligned with their brand identity.

Once the design was approved I began the development process by building the website using Webflow, making sure it was responsive and optimized for all devices. I also integrated an easy to use content management system (CMS).

After performing testing on the website and making final adjustments, I created a series of video tutorials for the organizations team to learn how to update the website and use the CMS.

The launched website received positive feedback from their target audience and they decided to incorporate illustrations into their branding and social media presence. The website has helped the organization increase their online visibility and inform more people about their mission and services.

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