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The existing website had an outdated design and was overwhelming for users due to the sheer number unhelpful of images and confusing customization options. This made it difficult for visitors to find relevant information efficiently and discouraged them from engaging with the company's expert consultants.

The main challenges were:

1. Improving website navigation and user experience.

2. Effectively showcasing the company's Amish craftsmanship and services.

3. Encouraging users to contact consultants for assistance and project consultations.


We began the redesign process by conducting a thorough discovery session with the primary stakeholders, during which we developed user profiles, journeys, and stories. We also focused on identifying the core personality of the brand to ensure that the website accurately reflected it.

With the information gathered during the discovery session, we proceeded to create hand-drawn wireframes, establish aesthetics through stylescapes, develop the website's structure, and organize content more intuitively using information architecture principles.

Design Process

1. Discovery: We engaged in strategy workshops, user research, and final scope definition to better understand the target audience and their needs.

2. Site-map and Wireframes: We defined the content and features' interrelationships to create a more organized website structure.

3. Content Creation: We developed high-quality copy and visuals to strengthen the website's SEO.

4. Visual Style Guide: We defined a consistent visual brand style for the website, including colors, typography, and other design elements.

5. Prototyping: We created mockups of key pages to ensure a cohesive design.

6. Development: We built the pages using Webflow, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices.

7. Testing: We tested the website on various browsers and devices to ensure optimal performance.

8. Launch: We executed the site launch and implemented a marketing strategy to showcase the new website.


The redesigned website brought immediate positive results:

1. Increased website inquiries and conversions: The new project consultation form generated a steady stream of inquiries, leading to more opportunities for consultants to engage with customers.

Metrics March 20, 2020 - December 31, 2022:

- Target Audience reached: With 67.14% of all visitors coming from the DMV area, the desired audience was accurately met.

- Increased Pageviews: Previously, page views to the project consultation form averaged 0 - 80 per week. Over 150 weeks, an upward trend in pageviews was observed. A notable surge occurred between August 29, 2022 (week 104), and November 21, 2022 (week 112), with the highest recorded number of pageviews (508) during the week of November 14, 2022 (week 111)

2. Improved user experience: Enhanced navigation and product showcasing allowed customers to easily browse, learn about, and appreciate the quality of Amish craftsmanship.

3. Boosted search ranking: Optimized meta tags and content quality, resulting in better search rankings for relevant keywords in target areas.

4. Empowered staff: Custom video tutorials enabled staff to maintain the website more efficiently without relying on a developer.

Social Media Management & Content Creation:

After the website redesign, I continued to work with This n' That Amish Outlet as a freelance designer, contributing to various ad campaigns, marketing materials, and social media content. I was instrumental in launching their newsletter, reviving their YouTube channel, and growing their audience across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok.

Key Achievements:

- YouTube channel growth: Brought the channel from zero to over 400 subscribers, with over 65,000 views across all videos by June 2022.

- Social media traffic: Tracked the impact of social media efforts in driving traffic to the website and generating inquiries. 19.13% of all website traffic between March 20, 2020 through December 31st, 2022 came directly from Facebook and Instagram, followed by 0.85% from Pinterest and 0.5% from Youtube.

- Content showcase: Created diverse content including photography, design, photobashes, and video work, reflecting the brand's identity and craftsmanship.


The This n' That Amish Outlet website redesign successfully addressed the challenges we set out to solve. The new website showcases the company's craftsmanship, improves user experience, and encourages customer engagement. As a result, the company has experienced growth in both customer inquiries and overall brand visibility.

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