Annamaria Ward

Pumpkin Witch Character Design

Character Design

I'm working on creating a character design portfolio. I've always loved drawing characters and thinking up stories for them, but I've never sat down and created an entire project focused on the visual development of a character's personality or story. If you have seen my Witchtobers you will recognize this pumpkin witch design. She is greatly inspired by a Halloween costume I wore in 2016 and 2018.

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So far I've shown her off in a variety of poses that take place during a significant part of her story. She decides to make a pumpkin friend and he springs to life! I've also drawn an expression sheet and made my first attempt at a turnaround. I'd like another try at the turnaround because I don't think it quite lives up to what I had in mind, but it is on the right track!

I will continue to update this part of my portfolio with visual development art that focuses on secondary characters, environments she interacts with and other key story moments. Make sure to check back at a later date to see more about her! She might even have a name.